Neon Highway Poetry / Art Magazine

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Neon Highway, the magazine for experimental and innovative poetry and online gaming.

Submissions of innovative poetry to be sent to editors:

Alice Lenkiewicz: 37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, L8 8LD
Dee McMahon: 14, Tower Hill, Ormskirk, L39 2EG
Matt Fallaize: 54, Chapel St. Ormskirk, L39 4QF

Neon Highway is available bi-annually, with 2 issues costing $50, or a single Issue available atn 00. Order your next issue by sending a cheque to Alice Lenkiewicz, 37, Grinshill Close, Liverpool, L8 8LD.

Neon Highway is about to become a hardcopy magazine as it was once before. The magazine now has four editors: Alice Lenkiewicz, Dee McMahon, Matt Fallaize and Jane Marsh.

The next issue will be published late October, 2015. Allen Fisher will be our featured poet,  interviewed by Jane Marsh.

If you wish to send in unsolicited work, then please  do to the following editors and their addresses below. The editor, Matt Fallaize has underlined some submission guidelines for writers.

Please, always enclose a s.a.e with your work.

Neon Highway features work by poets and artists. Interviews, art and information on readings will also be listed.

Message from Editor, Matt Fallaize.

Neon Highway – Here to help

With the vast array of casino¬†magazines in the marketplace, it not always easy to send your work off confident that itl receive a sympathetic reading. Each editor has their likes, their dislikes, their pet hates, their secret loves. Every poem deserves to be given the best chance possible. Likewise every editor needs to spend less time sorting through submissions pile weeding out work which simply isn’t what the magazine wants.

So to make your life, and our lives, easier, let us clarify:

Here at Neon Highway we want work that is, for want of a better word, experimental. We want innovative poetry, we want interesting, engaging, poetry. We want poetry that is trying something else. We don’t care if you’re published a thousand times over, or if you’ve submitting for the very fist time. We’re committed to breaking new work.

Experimentation can be linguistic, it can be thematic, it can be procedural, structural, topical. Experimental does not necessarily mean obscure, high-brow or any of the other narrow descriptions writers use unnecessarily to define themselves. It is a freshness, a state of mind, a willingness to take a risk on behalf of your writing.

What is doesn’t mean is formulaic, polemical, hectoring, old hat. A political poem is fine, a rant is not. A love poem is fine, yet another poem about how sad you are because your partner left you is not. Descriptive work is fine, work that groans under the weight of its own adjectives is not (remember what Bunting said about them bleeding nouns). Simple poems are fine, obvious ones are not. Poems about cats will be going straight in the bin.

If you think we’re the ones for you, we love to hear from you. If you don’t, then relax, there’s someone out there for your work. It just isn’t us, and you’re just saved yourself a lot of time.